Welcome to Reusable Packaging Options

In January of 2010 I wrote an article for a leading packaging magazine about "reuse" being the "forgotten R" in sustainable packaging, often overlooked in favor of recycle and reduce. I predicted reusable packaging would become increasingly important in the years ahead because of the number of advantages it provided including a substantially lower per use cost, minimal consumption of energy and water to manufacture it, and much lower fuel costs for shipping everything from raw materials to finished product through an increasingly expensive supply chain...Read more »

The environmentally conscience market has embraced reusability for its money saving and earth saving benefits and packaging manufacturers have responded with economical packaging products designed for multiple uses. An industry that has always had the reputation of being a prime contributor to the environmental problem is quickly and increasingly becoming part of the solution.

We at Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products are proud to be playing a key role in this long overdue trend with innovative products such as our Globe Guard Reusable Box, corrugated products designed for reuse rather than "once and done" disposal, plastic corrugated designs, reusable totes, reusable shipping containers and our latest product addition, the patent pending Globe Guard Reusable Box Sealer. The variety of reusable packaging solutions we offer combined with our fifty plus years of experience makes us the unique and qualified partner to help you achieve your sustainability objectives.

We thank you for your interest in reusable packaging and we invite you to visit our web sites, web store and our blog. As always, please contact us if you have a unique problem in need of a low cost, green packaging solution.

Dennis Salazar - President and Co-founder of Salazar Packaging, Inc.